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WOW #12

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly Meme hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spine. Book bloggers present upcoming books they can’t wait to read and share their enthusiasm about new releases

Indigo Awakening (The Hunted #1)
by Jordan Dane
Published by Harlequin Teen
Date to be published:December 18th 2012
Synopsis:Because of what you are, the Believers will hunt you down.
Voices told Lucas Darby to run. Voices no one else can hear. He’s warned his sister not to look for him, but Rayne refuses to let her troubled brother vanish on the streets of LA. In her desperate search, she meets Gabriel Stewart, a runaway with mysterious powers and far too many secrets. Rayne can’t explain her crazy need to trust the strange yet compelling boy—to touch him—to protect him even though he scares her.
A fanatical church secretly hunts psychic kids—gifted “Indigo” teens feared to be the next evolution of mankind—for reasons only “the Believers” know. Now Rayne’s only hope is Gabe, who is haunted by an awakening power—a force darker than either of them imagine—that could doom them all.

wHY? do you even need to ask . I loved  on a dark wing . I have not read her other books yet but hopefully soon. i loved on a dark wing and i can't wait for this . Male MC and a rocking cover

 Alchemystic (The Spellmason Chronicles #1)
by Anton Strout
Published by  Ace
Date to be published: : September 25th 2012

Synopsis: An Old Friend of the Family...
Alexandra Belarus is a struggling artist living in New York City, even though her family is rich in real estate, including a towering Gothic Gramercy Park building built by her great-great-grandfather. But the truth of her bloodline is revealed when she is attacked on the street and saved by an inhumanly powerful winged figure. A figure who knows the Belarus name…
Lexi’s great-great-grandfather was a Spellmason—an artisan who could work magic on stone. But in his day, dark forces conspired against him and his, so he left a spell of protection on his family. Now that Lexi is in danger, the spell has awoken her ancestor’s most trusted and fearsome creation: a gargoyle named Stanis.
Lexi and Stanis are equally surprised to find themselves bound to each other. But as they learn to work together, they realize that only united can they save the city they both love…
I've been re watching Gargoyles by disney , this summer. I fell in love with it again. I have never read about Gargoyles before and the re watching has me more pumped for this book.

Tribulation (Rapture Trilogy #2)
by Phillip W. Simpson
Published by Pear Jam books
Date to be published: 2012//not set yet

Synopsis:Directly following the Rapture is a seven year period known as the Tribulation. Those who have been left behind essentially endure ‘hell on earth’ during those seven years.
The world is racked by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and all other manner of natural disasters. Demons stalk the Earth by night, capturing the remaining humans and either converting them to worship of the Devil, or killing them. Most humans have fled the cities and now hide in caves deep in the mountains. It is a post-apocalyptic world in the truest sense of the word. 
The world is now very hot, almost hell-like in its oppressive heat. Clouds are perpetually in the sky. It continually rains ash. There are fires everywhere. Plants and animals are dying. Food is scarce. The remnants of humanity are fighting for survival. There have been massive earthquakes which have damaged or destroyed many buildings. Every volcano in the world has erupted. The moon (when it can be seen) is blood red. There are no stars in the sky.
The story focuses on a 18 year old teenage boy, Sam (short for Samael). Sam was raised in the town of Jacob’s Ladder, Utah. It is – appropriately enough – near to a place of natural scenic beauty called Devil’s garden.
Sam is half demon. His mother, a devout Christian, was seduced by Satan and conceived his child. She manages to smuggle the boy to an old friend – Hikari – a Japanese sword master and demon expert. Hikari has a daughter, Aimi, whom Sam finds himself gradually falling in love with.
When the Rapture occurs, Hikari and Aimi are taken to heaven. Sam is left alone in the post-apocalyptic world without his morale anchors

I've been waiting a year for the cover. I know it is practically the same cover but look hell hounds. iiiiiii
There is Christianity mixed with eastern beliefs but it is not a religious book or preachy , well at least book 1  was not .Rapture, book1, was on of my top 5 book of 2011 and i can't wait for the followup of Sam's story.


  1. I wasn't familiar with Indigo Awakening but I think that Harlequin Teen publishes some great books so I would be interested in giving that one a read, based solely on that.

  2. The Rapture books look awesome, I like their covers :-) I hope you get all those books!

    Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFic
    Check out what I'm waiting on!

  3. All of these books sound amazing! Especially Indigo Awakening :)

    here's our WoW

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

  4. Indigo Awakening's cover's just awesome!
    Thanks for sharing these books, I haven't heard them before.
    Here's my Wednesday post. :)
    Enjoy your weekend!
    *New follower. :)

  5. I think I have Indigo Awakening on my to-read list and now I'm adding Alchemystic on it too. It sounds great!
    Come check out my WOW post.

  6. Ohhh cool finds Roro! I like the Indigo one, kids with psychic abilities on the run? That's a def must read! Thanks

  7. Indigo Awakening sounds incredible and look at that cover!

    Care to stop by my WoW?

  8. Oh, great picks! I'm not familiar with any of these but that Jordan Dane book, but I'm really excited about that gargoyle story! I LOVE gargoyles, and I used to watch that cartoon. :) Going to add it to my TBR now. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my WoW post. Happy Wednesday! :D

  9. Wow these all look amazing! Great finds!! I just added them all to my tbr =)

    Check out our WOW

  10. Indigo Awakening sounds really good, and I love the cover! I wasn't a huge fan of the author's other book though, so I'm a little worried it might not be for me. We'll see. Great picks, Roro! :)

  11. I haven´t heard of them but Indigo Awakening sounds good.
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  12. I haven't heard of Alchemystic, but it sounds good. And Indigo Awakening has been on my list for a while ^^ Great picks!

    Take a look at my WoW.

  13. Alchemystic sounds grood. I'm a big fan of gargoyles (I have a little one on my nightstand.) Haha. Great picks!

    Thanks for stopping by The Book Slayer :)

  14. Indigo Awakening sounds really interesting. I'm going to add that one to my list.

  15. I'm adding the first one to my goodreads. The summary has a lot of info in it lol its really good though. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Indigo Awakening looks like it's going to be AWESOME!!! What a great pick :)

    Anna @ Literary Exploration
    My Wow

  17. Haven't heard of these, but sound intersting. Hope you get to read it soon,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  18. Indigo looks amazing. Great picks! Sounds like a great book. I have to add it to my TBR list!


  19. Indigo Awakening sounds so good! And wow on that cover! great picks! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my WOW.

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  20. Great picks! I love the sound of Indigo Awakening. Thanks for stopping by my WoW! :)

  21. Wow, cool books :D The 2nd is my fav

  22. I've noticed more and more gargoyle stories, I like the concept, hopefully it will be great!

  23. I literally just saw Indigo on GR yesterday. The cover is wicked!!! Can't wait. Great pick!

  24. Indigo sounds awesome and I still need to read Rapture! Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Ahhh these all sound so good! Indigo Awakening looks super good! I'm definitely going to add it to my list.
    Giselle from Book Nerd Canada
    Waiting on Wednesday #37

  26. I haven't heard of any of these but the all sound great!

    Here's my WoW:

    New Follower :)

  27. Great choices! I agree -- Indigo Awakening appeals to me the most. Thanks so much for stopping by my WoW.

  28. Indigo Awakening looks interesting. I hadn't heard of it until now so I have to look into this one. I LOVED Alchemystic! It's super cute! Happy reading. :)

  29. I am soooo excited for Indigo Awakening! I love Jordan Dane. She is a fantastic author.

    Chapter by Chapter

  30. Wow, Indigo Awakening sounds interesting - and that cover!!!!

  31. Indigo looks soooo good! Can't wait!!! :)

  32. INDIGO AWAKENING!!! That cover...just...awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by my WoW!

  33. Indigo Awakening sounds super good! I don't know that author either! I'll have to check those books out. Also, I'm pretty sure Gargoyles was my favorite cartoon growing up, next to Batman and Sailor Moon. I'd love to read about gargoyles! Thanks for checking out my WOW.

  34. I loved Gargoyles - such a great show! Alchemystic sounds great!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  35. Nice pick. Such a creepy cover. Thanks for sharing!

  36. These are all great and intriguing picks! I had not heard of them, so thank you for sharing and for stopping by my WoW. Happy Reading :D

  37. These are all great and intriguing picks! I had not heard of them, so thank you for sharing and for stopping by my WoW. Happy Reading :D

  38. Love the covers :D Seems like great books ;) Hope you'll love them all :)
    Thank you for commenting on my WoW. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  39. Those books are all new for me, but I like the covers! Especially the first one!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Tanja @Ja čitam, a ti?

  40. Great picks, Roro! I can't wait for Indigo Awakening, too, and Alchemystic sounds so good, so I've add it on my list :) and I still haven't read Rapture, so I need to do that asap :)

  41. Wow Roro these are all awesome picks. Alchemystic looks fantastic.

  42. Indigo Awakening looks pretty great, gonna have to add that to my list. You always have fantastic new finds for me!

  43. Great picks, I will be sure to add them all on my TBR list.
    Thansk for stopping by at my WoW! :)

  44. Ooo... both of these look really interesting. And a gargoyle as a main character... well, that's a new one for me. Very cool :)

  45. I like the look of Indigo Awakening - good picks!

  46. Great picks, roro! The Indigo's cover is SO pretty!!

  47. Love all of these! Indigo Awakening looks kick ass! Have a great weekend, my friend!

  48. amazing picks roro! havent heard of either of them! Thanks for sharing!!
    - Farah @MajiBookshelf

  49. I've read Jordan Dane's On a Dark Wing and really enjoyed it so I can't wait for Indigo Awakening!

    Awesome WoW post, Roro! ♥

  50. These covers are insanely gorgeous. Really cool. Thanks for sharing, Ro :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  51. I love the wolf cover! So cool looking, and it will really stand out on bookstore shelves!



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