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Top 10 of 2012: best 10 books

I loved last year event. Here we go again . today i'll post my top books of 2012// sorry breaking rules but could not pick  10


i loved this book . sad but happy Matt got to know a bit about  brother TJ. Its an army book. It shows that  stereo types are wrong  especially for a certain group. THERE  are also biracial couples and every character even the minor ones have let a impression left . good or left. pls read this book  . pls.

A army book as well . Am i seeing a patron. This is about Travis, a teen us army afganistan veteran. A war can cause trauma. And i''m happy Travis has support from someone special. There is also mention of the same group. pls read this one too

This takes right after the 2nd world war. its m/m so that could be a hinderance for some ppl. it has YA crossover appeal. But more for adult YA readers. i loved how the story was resolved and the lovers fixed each others.

a 2012 under hyped book . A great gritty and dark contemp. THE four teens changed for better or worse. pls read it .pls. i can't wait to read her debut.


THE 470 pages flew by and it has one of the sweetest couples or could be couple in YA. The oldest book in this list. I just love the characters and the bad dude was scary.Fantasy fans should read it.

THERE are a few Persephone retellings. This is the only one that interested me and WOOH. EVERY emotion was evoked in me.  FROM how the story was build . THE past and present. THE prologue , that bleeping ending and prologue. need book 2.

A fairy tale envisioning.DARK morbid and a great ride.GREAt scenery and i can't wait to re read it and have my own finished copy and Allysa is kickass sk8trgirl.

OUT of body travel ,  a biracial couple and body snatching oo. THE gorgeous cover matches the inside. A slow building romance and great characters

Murder mystery,  Prince and the pauper story. Modern setting with Angels. Great plot with 3 point of views. Believable male protagonist and sweet romance. This shows even celebs can write great novels. I can't wait for book 2.

LOVED the russian fantasy elements and read it from cover to cover. THE characters were awesome especialy Zoya. The plot is definitely not overwhelmed by the romance and I really felt that it was intertwined nicely.NEED BOOK2

i'm breaking a rule now

A bleak USA that could be true in the future . *shiver*. i LOVED ember and chase got to trust each other again.CHASE was the star of this book. I have a crush on Chase SWOON. He's so dangerous and amazing and I <3 him. ha ha. A little fan boying didn;t hurt anyone


  1. Great picks. The only one I read from your list is Everneath, but the other ones sound really good too.

  2. Awesome picks! I definitley loved Immortal City, Shadow and Bone, and Article 5. All three were brilliant books!

  3. Great list, Roro! I've read only Graceling so far from these, and yeah, I loved it :) The rest I already wanted to read, so I'm glad you loved them, I'm hoping to get to them in 2013 :)

  4. Awesome picks Roro! Graceling is an amazing read and I didn't know Everneath was a retelling of Persephone's story.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. Article 5 was fantastic. I cannot wait for the sequel! Here's my list:

  6. OH goodie!!I have SPLINTERED on my list too!Here's mine:

  7. EVERNEATH!!!! I loved that one so much Roro! I adored Shadow and Bone and Article 5 as well, I need both of those sequels in my hands. At least we don't have to wait too much longer for Breaking Point:)

  8. LOVED Everneath! Def one of my favs. S&B was a fav of mine too. Need to read Graceling & Splintered! Great list!!!

    Confessions of a Vi3tBabe
    Deity Island

  9. Splintered is on my list to read next month, all the raves! Can't wait to get to it already!
    Yay for Everneath and Shadow & Bone, definitely must reads - can't wait for book 2 on both!
    Great list! Happy holidays :)

  10. Ohhhh we share some of the same ! I loved Shadow and Bone and Something Like Normal and Article 5 and Graceling was a wonderful read! Definitely will have to check out some of the others on your list!

    Thanks for checking out my list too!
    Jaime @ Fic Fare

  11. I really want to read Splintered and Shadow and Bone, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Graceling is on my list, too, though!

  12. I loved Shadow & Bone and Graceling (although I read the latter several years ago). Everneath wasn't for me, and I plan to read Something Like Normal eventually too, since the reviews I've seen are mostly praising. Great list and happy holidays!

  13. Everneath and Shadow and Bone are lovely books. I really should get around to reading Graceling, too-- I've heard such wonderful things about it. Great list!

  14. Great list!!! But I haven't read Immortal City yet...

  15. I've been wanting to read Graveling, Immortal City, Everneath, Shadow and Bone, and Article 5. I've heard the first two are great books involving the military and experiences a person goes through in that. Pieces of Us seems like a good emotional read.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. I really enjoyed Article 5, can't wait for Breaking Point!!! Everybody seems to adore Shadow and Bone, I really need to pick that one up soon.

  17. Shadow and Bone and Graceling are awesome! Immortal City and Article 5 are both on my tbr. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by our blog!

    Teen Readers' Diary

  18. LOVED Something Like Normal and Graceling, though they didn't make my list. Really need to read Personal Effects. Great list! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my post and Happy Holidays!

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  19. Pieces of us!! <3 <3 <3 <3 And OMG Article 5 and Chase!! TOTALLY AGREE <3 <3 Swoon!
    Marry Christmas sweetie! ;)

  20. Awesome picks :D Ahh, Graceling. <3 And Shadow and Bone :D So perfect books. Thank you for sharing your list :D
    Thank you for commenting on my mailbox. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  21. Ahhh, you've read Splintered! I'm DYING to get to that one. And haha, I love Chase toooo <3 We can fangirl/boy together ;) Happy Holidays!

  22. Hi, from a new GFC follower.

    A great selection: I haven’t read all of these, but quite a few are on my TBR list! :)

    My Top 10 Reads:



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