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BOOK TOUR: Playing By The BOOK by S. Chris. Shirley ( REVIEW)

Title:  Playing By The BOOK
Author::  S. Chris Shirley
Publisher: Magnus Books
Publication Date:  June 11th 2014
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4.5/5


When seventeen-year old high school newspaper editor Jake Powell, fresh from Alabama, lands in New York City to attend Columbia University's prestigious summer journalism program, it's a dream come true. But his father, a fundamentalist Christian preacher, smells trouble. And his father is rarely wrong.
Jake navigates new and unfamiliar ways "up North." Starting with his feelings for a handsome Jewish classmate named Sam. What Jake could keep hidden back home is now pushed to the surface in the Big Apple.
Standing by his side are a gorgeous brunette with a Park Avenue attitude and the designer bags to match, a high school friend who has watched Jake grow up and isn't sure she's ready to let him go, and an outrageously flamboyant aunt whose determined to help Jake finds the courage to accept love and avoid the pain that she has experienced. 
Provocative and moving, Playing by The Book is a feel-good novel about the pain and joy we encounter in the search for our own truth

My thoughts

‘’I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me”” excerpt 2nd cor. 12: 7-10

As the saying goes , “’every family has its cross to bear’’. As does the Powell family. One of the crosses looms above Jake Powell. The pk; preacher kid. He has a drive for Journalism but his career choice is already determined, to be a preacher. Playing by the book is about Jake accepting himself and personal growth. At least he does IMO.

Religion and to be precise, the Christian faith is of importance in this book. I did not find it preachy but you may. So be wary of that. I grew up in a Christian household and I now when it gets preachy. I hate the bigoted way that my family members/former church goers are of opinion that homosexuality is a ‘sin’ or a ‘choice’. If you’re a BIGOT stay away from it.


(+) It gave me a peek at how living at a dorm maybe. I’ll be going to the university this fall and will not be staying at a dorm because there aren’t any. * exited but also scared to go to uni* #HistoryDepartment

(+) It is nice to see the pov of a gay Christian. This is an oxymoron to some. I’m all for people that want to be closer to God. But ‘’curing’’ gayness is a criminal act to your true self. And I’m happy that Mr. Shirley did not chastise Jake. A life without romantic love or any love for that matter is a sad and lonely one. Can’t people not see that gay love is not ,just about sex and lust.

(+) Jake’s story felt realistic. Jake could be a real person whereas the characters from girlfriends with boyfriends by Alex sanches were not. Sanches’ characters were bare bones if you would ask me. Playing by the book has a more flamboyant male that is only seen once or twice. I’m bringing this up because even though we know little of the more flamboyant character, he’s did not feel like the token flamboyant guy.

(-) Mr. Shirley stop using Brah. I glossed over the dialogue or used bro in its place every time Sam Horowitz, love interest used it. JEEZ

(+/-) It was tough for me to read about the self-hate (of which I have to a degree and gladly has lessened), suicidal thoughts and suicide attempt ( I’m thankful never happened) and coming out process I really had to put down the e-reader/phone at times because it got to emotional.

(+/-) I feel like sam was less developed than Jake and wished it was not so. But besides that a good loveable character none the less.

In conclusion I truly love this book and fell in love with the characters. I hope that if people read that they will feel the same. And that my furure coming out will not be a train wreck. It is unlikely. Top reason; the bigotry in the church and my peeps being part of the church

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  1. This is great. I totally laughed about the "brah" usage. Actually, most men in NY and LA use that term rather than "bro" -- at least from what I've seen. I still had to giggle.

    Thanks for the great review, Rogier and I'm happy that you were able to identify. I do apologize for any triggers that may have caused you any discomfort. Thanks again for posting. You rock. xx


  2. I definitely tend to stay away from novels with religious undertones but this book seems to have a lot of plus points. Not sure if I'll ever pick this up but I'm glad to see you enjoyed it and it seems to be a thought-provoking read.

  3. This sounds great Roro, and I love the author's approach. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. It sounds like a really nice book but I confess that I didn't know about it. thanks for the discovery!

  5. Reading a book that you connect with personally is always doubly rewarding IMO. I sincerely hope that you're wrong, and that your experience ends up being more like Jake Powell's, but I also understand that religion can play a big role in it.

  6. Brilliant review, Roro. I So many interesting points in your review. I agree the whole Brah thing would have irritated me too. Sounds like this was a great read overall for you.

  7. Fabulous review, Ro. I can see how personal a read this must have been for you, and being raised in a Christian home, myself, I totally understand where you're coming from about the bigoted perspective a LOT of so-called Christians adopt. I'm sorry that's something you have to deal with regularly, and I'm glad you haven't let it kill your Roro spark ;) *BIG hug*

  8. Awesome review, Roro! I love that it features a gay Christian. I think it's time for this religion to start embracing the diversity of everyone's spirituality. I have a lot of gay friends and many of them are even more devout Christians than I. Thankfully, Roman Catholicism in the Philippines is far more forgiving and compassionate towards gays here so there is rarely a problem, but it cannot be said the same in other countries. Great review once again!

    Faye at The Social Potato



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