Friday, February 17, 2012

Legend of the Inero Dragon Book Tour: Guest post

My day on the tour is here yaay. *jazz hands*. The complete schedule is posted here  and is hosted by Patricia @  


That perfect moment where you're looking into your significant other's eyes, and all you can think about is what their lips will feel like against yours. All you want to do is know, and so you lean in, hoping they'll want it too, and BAM the first kiss happens. In the media, it's usually painted as some kind of magical moment between two people. In reality, if it's a true, first kiss, it might be kind of awkward.

Those are my favorite first kisses to watch in the movies. They're especially fun to write. In “Legend of the Inero Dragon” there is a first kiss moment. I won't give away too many spoilers but it's by far one of my favorite kiss scenes I've ever had to write. What made it so special though was the fact that it was a true first kiss. Awkward, sweet, tender, but still special. The first kiss can tell a lot about a person. I've had first kisses that missed the sparks and only had the awkward going on with none of the sweet and tender. Then I've had a first kiss that was awkward, but had the sweet and tender as well as the special.

Another first kiss that was fun to write was one for an upcoming novel I have coming out. In it, the couple who is on-again, off-again, gets back to the on-again stage. It's the kiss that tells them whether or not they need to keep being together again, or call it quits for good. Again, no spoilers, but it was fun to write something that represented such a trying and meaningful time for them both.

The kiss is powerful, the first kiss especially so. The more real and heartfelt they are, the better. There doesn't need to be violin's playing and roses involved. Things probably won't go smoothly, but if the love is there, then that's what makes the first kiss, true love's first kiss


  1. Their first kiss was really sweet. I <3 them together, even when they're awkward.

  2. Ahh first kisses are wonderful and memorable. Loved this post!

  3. Most of the first kisses I remember were painfully awkward. And I don't mean the ones when we played "spin the bottle" and "post office" as kids. I mean the teen-aged stuff.

  4. The first few kisses I remember were very sweet. Thanks for bringing those memories back. Those were great times...when life was all about new discoveries! :)

  5. I remember my first you have me think of some sweet and awkward this post!

  6. Awww...more realistic is always better than crazy magical! First kisses usually are awkward!

  7. LOL jazz hands -- I love it!! x) This was such a cute post! It described first kisses perfectly -- awkward, sweet, tender, but still special. In real life they may not be picture-perfect like in the movies, but they're still pretty magical! :) Thanks so much for sharing!



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