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Fractured Light Book tour : interview w/ Rachel McClelian

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Well today is my stop. First i'll introduce you to the author and then the interview and review. link to the review

About this author
My YA urban fantasy novel FRACTURED LIGHT will be released February 2012. The sequel is tentatively planned for release in February 2013.
My short story, Simon Says, will be out in an anthology titled "After Dark: A Collection of Haunting Tales" in a couple of weeks.

I've been drunk on writing ever since I traveled to Ireland and became blessed (or cursed) by a Leprechaun with a french accent and a bad attitude. Of course I did just steal his gold, but that's another story.
You can read her blog at or stalk her on twitter @rachelmcclellan

Now for the interview

What inspired you to write Fractured Light?
Honestly Llona did. I was messing around with a friend, swapping writing assignments and such, when I wrote about Llona while she was at her father’s funeral. Her voice was so strong I just knew I had to write more to see where she took me.
Who is the artist[s], fanboying here! Lol
Brian Halley did my cover. Such an amazing artist!
What was your favorite scene[s] to write in Fractured Light?
I loved writing the scene where Llona fights the Vyken on the stage. I wish you all could see what I envision. It’s very cool with the lights, and when the “bad guy” basically starts peeling his face off.
What got you in to reading and at what age , what sort of books did you like reading as a child?
I’ve always enjoyed reading. As a child and teenager, I read the Encyclopedia Brown books, Beverly Clearly, R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike and L.J. Smith (I was so excited when I found out Vampire Diaries was turned into a TV series!).
Do you have a set routine when you are writing? are you a plottr or just write what the characters feel like to say[to me all characters are like real people]
I try to get up early in the morning before my kids wake up to write. I also write at the bus stop while I’m waiting to pick them up. As for writing, I let my characters drive the story. I do, however, make sure I know the ending before I begin any story otherwise it will go on forever.
Have you any other books in the making at the moment?
I’m just finishing up the sequel to FRACTURED LIGHT. I also have another book, a humorous memoir that will be out before Mother’s Day in 2013. I’m also in the editing phases of a different, darker YA novel– really excited about this one.
What are you currently reading, have finished or on your wish list?
I just got Dean Koontz latest book – Lightening. I’m also just finishing up the third book in The Maze Runner series. These days it takes me awhile to finish a book because I take the time to study how the author brings conflict into every chapter and how they manage to pull everything together at the end.  I’ve learned more about writing doing this than anything else.  
Any song[s] that fit perfectly with Fractured Light scenes /characters or the book itself?
Oh yes! Great question. I listen to music whenever I write.  Songs I listened to for Fractured Light are:
Secondhand Serenade – Fall for You, Suppose, Pretend
Sick Puppies – All the Same, Too Many Words
The Red Jumpsuit – Your Guardian Angel
My Chemical Romance – House of Wolves
10 Years – So Long, Good-bye, Dying Young
Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes

Why should we read Fractured Light?
Pure enjoyment.
This or that segment
Vanilla or chocolate
summer or winter:
Um, Fall – I love my fall wardrobe. J
Xmas or Halloween:
Halloween a million times over.
Vampires, faeries or zombies:
Zombie-eating vampires


  1. Great interview, guys! Zombie-eating vampires are the best kind. ;)

  2. Thanks for having me, and thanks for the review! I seriously appreciate it. :)


  3. Wow, very thorough review! I enjoyed the interview and your playlist as well. :)



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