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Review: Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench

Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench (Aquaman Vol. VII #1)
by by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis (Illustrator), Joe Prado (Illustrator)
Published by by DC Comics
Date publication:September 11th 2012
Source: edelweiss
Rating: 4.8/5


Synopsis:The King of the Seven Seas Aquaman returns to his very own ongoing series for the first time in years at the hands of DC Entertainment Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns, who reteams with GREEN LANTERN collaborator artist Ivan Reis! Between proving himself to a world that sees him as a joke, Aquaman and his bride Mera face off against a long buried terror from the depths of the ocean

My thoughts

Cover: An epic cover. I love the Trident

Book: I always liked Aquaman growing up but never liked him as mutch as the popular ones. Until now . After reading this wonderfull comic book written by Geoff Johns, and illustrated by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado ( never heard of those people but they are pretty huge in the comic world).

The Aquaman jokes and Arthur being used as the laughingstock of the superheroes are present in this comic and I felt very sorry for Arthur Curry. I’m still getting bullied at school because I’m not mainstream and I read. I could connect with a fictional character .Heck that what books are for to connect even comic books .

This volume has 6 chapters or stories. Four for one plot and the last two bridges to the second volume.

A kind of summary but nothing spoilerific
Aquaman appears midtown Boston, interrupting a car chase and successfully stopping the crime in action, much to the surprise of present criminals and policemen alike.

Arthur later goes to have lunch at a seafood restaurant, in full costume. Apparently subscribing to the common misconception that

courtesy of
Aquaman speaks to fish, a number of people react with surprise when Aquaman orders 'fish and chips' from the menu. He clarifies that his ability is to control various forms of sea life rather than speaking to them in the conventional sense, as fish don't actually converse. A blogger approaches Aquaman with various questions, despite the latter's insistence that he's just trying to have some lunch. Aquaman leaves when the blogger's final question offends him, but tells the waitress to keep the change (having paid with gold coins).

At Amnesty Bay, Aquaman recalls his childhood with his father, when Mera appears. Aquaman tells her he has decided to have new life with her, free from the responsibilities of being the king of Atlantis.
From the depths of the Atlantic ocean, the 'Trench'( monsterlike aquatic creatures) emerge, confirming their suspicion that 'there is an above'. After dragging a fisherman into the water and eating him, one of creatures declares that there is food on the surface world.

Mira , his wife and royal of Atlantis is a bad ass. She is not help less like humans think she is and still has a gentle side of her. And she is a ginger . Va Va voom

I loved the art style. If it was not color inked I would not have the same experience. I already knew than Aqua man was cool but Geoff shows how awesome and kind hearted Arthur Curry aka Aquaman is . I am exited for volume two in the future.

An awesome review of a comic / anime /manga reviewer. courtesy of Deadpoolzilla


  1. I love it Aquaman eating fish and chips..LOL Awesome review!

  2. Thanks for the review! I'm not the biggest manga fan but I'll be sure to pass this on to my brother he's pretty into comics and graphic novels and such ;) Aquaman's always been awesome too ;) I used to have an unnatural obsession with water. *clears throat* No judging. -.-

  3. Great review, Roro! I'm not really into graphic novels, but I do like to have a quick flick through to see the illustrations. I'm glad you enjoyed this! :)

  4. Ahh, Aquaman. We are a big comic book loving family, my husband having several thousand taking up all the extra space in the house. He also publishes his own comic. Aquaman hasn't become as big a hit as the other super heroes but I know he will make it through to us eventually :) Excellent review!

  5. hmm interesting! I love reading Japanese Manga but never actually read a comic! Great review Roro!
    - Farah @MajiBookshelf

  6. Aww that's sad that Aguaman is always made fun of. I'm sorry to hear you're bullied for being different too, roro! People can be so ignorant sometimes. I hope it gets better for you. I'm glad to see you enjoyed this. I don't really have much experience with graphic novels or manga but sometime I'd like to give them a try. :)

  7. I've always thought Aquaman was underestimated due to the sheer size and mystery of the ocean. Who knows what may lurk in its aphotic depths? Now that I think of it, an Aquaman/Chthulu crossover could be awesome...

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  8. Great review! I´m not into comics but I love its movies.

  9. Great review! I am looking forward to picking this one up soon -- the single issues were among the biggest surprises in the new 52, both in reviews and in sales.

    Thanks for stopping by for my Jonah Hex review!

  10. Great review! I admit I was never into Aquaman but I have actually been considering picking up this new issue because I have been really enjoying the new 52. The story sounds good and so far from what I have seen I really like the artwork.

  11. This book sounds quite interesting, as I am also a huge fan of graphic novels. :) And the cover... wow! Definitely striking. Nicely reviewed, roro.

  12. I liked the blogger reference in there even if the blogger wasn't exactly cool. Also loved the drawings! Theynwere amazing!

  13. I was never a fan cos he was not known here :/

  14. I don't do much animated, but I do love the images you added.
    Glad you enjoyed!
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog



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